payoff \ \ \OBED has an additional sense subsumed by our more general s.1 \\ pay‧off [ˈpeɪɒf ǁ -ɒːf] noun [countable]
1. a good result from a particular plan, project etc:

• The company's biggest payoff came in May when it made $18.4 million.

• This low-risk strategy promises a payoff regardless of what the stockmarket does.

2. a payment made to someone in order to stop them causing trouble:

• The company refused to make the payoff and complained to the authorities.

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payoff UK US (also pay-off) /ˈpeɪɒf/ noun [C]
HR, WORKPLACE money that is paid to someone so that they do not cause trouble, or to persuade them to leave their job: »

to accept/receive a payoff


to demand/negotiate a payoff


If her contract is terminated she will be in line for a $1.2m pay-off.

money received from a business arrangement or an investment: »

The deal is forecast to produce a pay-off of $160,000.


The payoff was greater than investors had been led to believe.

an advantage gained as the result of a decision, series of actions, etc.: »

The payoff from the new organizational structure has been enormous, for instance in cutting project lead times by 50%.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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